Monday, September 3, 2018


Investing in Cryptocurrency
How to make the best investment in cryptocurrencies? This is the best time to invest your money on cryptocurrency. When I say investment it is for minimum 5 years or ZERO, I don’t worry about failing and I look for the gains with a plan. My plan is to learn about five crypto currencies and make a decision to invest or cash out if I already had it. How can you choose the top coin in the list of 1300 currencies?

Two ideas
  •     Having a strong team 
  •     Find the valuable ideas
Some coins are just 0.00004 now in conversion with bitcoins. And you know that once bitcoin was in the same price years back. If you are looking to choose the best coin, you can try to make a research using the 2 ideas I gave you already. We will start with the valuable ideas on which the coin is designed and we will hold it till it has a bull run. Patience is more important in this game because the amount paid for 2 pizzas back in 2009 is worth a lot of money now. Every currency or coin solves a different problem. Every business is built to solve high demanding problem prevailing right now. When there is a huge demand, people would flock to buy and when the demand loses, people would sell it faster. What is the business that each coin does? Make a list of the business behind the companies and you will find the worth factor.

What is the idea about?
  •     Is it unique idea?
  •     Is it better and cost effective?
  •     Is it better than the peers?
  •     Who is behind this? (Strong management?)
  •     Will people find it attractive?
These are the five simple questions that one must ask before investing in a coin. Check out kick starter website there are plenty of ideas out  there. Is this something unique and does it interest you? Many people have a strong idea and when it comes to execution, it’s never possible because they don’t have the funding opportunities or their idea is boring. People would buy from only if they have an immediate value or long term value. Is the final product very efficient and cost effective? If yes, it’s in your radar.  People would look for how cheaper it is and how does the product look? Product design matters a lot. Coins should solve a serious problem and it should last long for years. What is their business motto? Will they serve people or quit? There are several companies with the same ideas but who gives the better product? The coin should hit the home run among its peers.

Be it a startup or any new idea, you must have a strong funding for back up. If the developers aren’t that great, then it might not work out well. It may not get wider audience and there would be no progress. Best idea but poor execution by the management is failure. Simple idea and a better team would take the companies to the skies and attract new customers each day.

Whatever the achievements that a company makes doesn’t matter if the crowd doesn’t find it attractive!  Stop thinking that you sold your bitcoins in less profit and it’s past. The next time is right now, get invested in bits. There are many similar bitcoin ideas out there and you will find the right coin out there.  Just keep up the motivation and invest 10 percent of your monthly income to the crypto currencies and not more than that. We don’t want too many gains or too many losses, have a disciplined mind to make money in the long term and it’s worth the effort.  Look out for the best ideas, look for the demand from the people, look for the funding and that’s all you need with this investment.  You need people to support a simple idea. It’s only people who make the idea strong and if the idea is able to solve the problems of one billion people, then there is a future with this coin. Keep investing 10 percent of your monthly income and you will not regret later. The early bird catches the worm.

Look at the funding + idea + demand = success. Start with 10 percent of the money and start slowly. You can start with coinbase, bittrex, huobi, poloneix etc which are widely used by many. Use coinbase to buy bitcoins for your money and send it to poloneix using the code found in the poloneix. It would take only minutes to do this process and you can start buying other coins. Invest in coins and save for later.

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