Monday, September 10, 2018


Hanging out with positive people is one of the best ways to be motivated.  You should talk to someone positive at least once a day.  Many of the ways you can have a positive encounter with people include in person, over the phone, and over the computer.  Try to make this a habit on a daily basis.

Some people are not very social.  They might go days without talking to others.  This is very unhealthy. If you are one of these people who is not a very social person and find that you don’t have many encounters with others you probably also are not too motivated to succeed also.  This doesn’t mean you have to be a social bug.  What this means is that you need to feed your need for positive interaction.  You don’t have to see the other person either.  There are techniques you can practice to encounter others positively without even seeing them in person.  How you do these things is up to you but this is very important.

Keeping good company means hanging out with others who are supportive of you and your goals for life.  You want people to support you and believe in you too.  If you have goals to be successful with your own gardening company you should hang out with people who are supportive.  If you are around people who are negative about your endeavors and unsupportive you will not feel good about it at all.  Cut the negativity out.  If these people are family members it could be the most difficult decision you ever made.  However, it will be the best thing you can do for you.  If people are not supportive or positive then cut them out.

The most common way you can have an encounter with someone on a daily basis is to talk to people.  You should have regular encounters with positive people.  The best way to start your day is to have coffee every morning with a positive person.  If you live near your best friend who is a coffee drinker then you can plan to leave for work earlier everyday and have coffee at their house or have them come over.  This is an excellent way to start your day and put you in a great mood for work.  You will already start the social side of you so when you get to work you won’t feel like such a grouch.

If you do not have time in the mornings to meet with someone or any other time of day you should try to find the time to talk to someone on the phone.  You might have a best friend you can call and talk to or a family member.  Be sure the person is someone that makes you feel good about yourself and life. 

If you don’t like to talk on the phone and you don’t have time to stop by and talk to someone everyday then you might consider the Internet as your best option.  Many people use this method as a way to keep good company.  When you go online you can join a chat room for just about anything today.  There are millions of chat rooms all over the web.  Be sure to pick a chat room that is about something you feel good about. For instance, if you have a goal to do something you might join a group with others who are working toward the same goal.  This is a very good way to boost your positive attitude and motivate you to work toward that goal.

Negativity can almost be infectious in some situations.  You want to be sure the people you are talking to are positive.  If the person you choose to hang out with is a negative person who is always complaining and who sees the negative side of everything they might not be who you want to help you become motivated.  Negativity will only bring you down and cause you to be negative too.

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